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Saturday, November 12, 2005


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Fiction is storytelling of imagined events and stands in contrast to non-fiction, which makes factual claims about reality. A large part of the appeal of fiction is its ability to evoke the entire spectrum of human emotions: to distract our minds, to give us hope in times of despair, to make us laugh, or to let us experience empathy without attachment. Fictional works—novels, stories, fairy tales, fables, films, comics, interactive fiction—may be partly based on factual occurrences but always contain some imaginary content. The term is also often used synonymously with fictional prose. In this sense, fiction refers only to novels or short stories and is often divided into two categories, popular fiction (e.g., science fiction or mystery fiction) and literary fiction (e.g., Victor Hugo or William Faulkner).

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This month, I've taken on the challenge of writing a novel of 50, 000 words. As with many things, this feat was not solely the result of my desire to write a novel. Desire is not always enough--a little push and some momentum get much better results. My push to write a novel has been provided by the National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo website, A fun and irreverent take on the writing process, which this site provides, seems to be just what I needed to begin my journey. Check them out, you might find the site a source of inspiration as well. The deadline for signing up is November 25.

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