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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Playing with Plot

This link, provides another and in my opinion simplified explanation of plot and its various components. I think that this week's post and last week's post will provide the tools necessary for the exercise I'm about to suggest. Choose a classic story: Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Pea, etc., one where you know the events of the story inside and out. Then list the plot components of the story.

Example: Beauty and the Beast

Explantion (also known as Exposition): Beauty's father, a merchant, goes out to make his fortune and ends up on the wrong side of a magical beast from whom he "steals" a rose after receiving said Beast's hospitality, thus insulting him and incurring his wrath.

Complication: The Beast demands that one of the merchant's daughters come live with him to repay the insult and injury. The merchant is conflicted and returns home to say goodbye to his daughters;he's prepared to return to the Beast to face a terrible, unnamed fate.

Turning Point (There can be several):
1. Beauty goes to stay with the Beast in her father's stead and comes to like him.
2. Her father falls ill and she goes home to nurse him to health promising the beast that she will return.

Climax: Beauty forgets to return to the Beast as promised, and the Beast is at death's door--She rushes to his side and declares her love.

Resolution: The curse is lifted. The Beast becomes a prince;he and Beauty live happily everafter.

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