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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Christina Rosetti (1830-1894)

Monna Innominata: A Sonnet Of Sonnets
by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Lo d{`i} che han detto a' dolci amici addio. DANTE

Amor, con quanto sforzo oggi mi vinci! PETRARCA

Come back to me, who wait and watch for you:--
Or come not yet, for it is over then,
And long it is before you come again,
So far between my pleasures are and few.
While, when you come not, what I do I do
Thinking "Now when he comes," my sweetest when:"
For one man is my world of all the men
This wide world holds; O love, my world is you.
Howbeit, to meet you grows almost a pang
Because the pang of parting comes so soon;
My hope hangs waning, waxing, like a moon
Between the heavenly days on which we meet:
Ah me, but where are now the songs I sang
When life was sweet because you call'd them sweet?

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