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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Introduction to How to Write Articles in Six Easy Steps


It literally pays to write well. In this age, information is the commodity of choice. You can turn this fact into an opportunity to build a career as a writer or to write on a freelance basis and supplement your income.

Every article you craft plays a key role in determining your success. Your articles must be well written and submitted to the appropriate markets in order for you to receive tangible returns for your efforts. The return you seek may be seeing the article printed in a real magazine or receiving payment for your work and having it appear in a real magazine. Every writer has their own measure of success. As a writer or an aspiring writer, your ability to select interesting topics and write about them in a clear and engaging manner determines how well you sell not only articles, but also yourself. Each article you submit acts as a testimony to your skills and your professionalism.

Effective article writing meets three requirements. It caters to the needs of your audience or readers. It provides information, entertainment, opinion or instruction with clarity. Finally, an effectively written article does not go on interminably; effective articles are concise, being frugal in length and detail.

How to Write Articles in Six Easy Steps can teach you the basics of effective article writing. These three simple concepts: catering to the needs of your audience, clarity, and making sure that your writing is concise, are the core principles which shape any good piece of writing. This series contains an outline of these concepts, within the context of the Writing Process. It also serves as a guide which will teach you the basics of article writing. Whether your desire is to get your articles published or distribute a great company or school newsletter, when applied well, the tools provided in the coming weeks will enhance your chances of obtaining your writing goals.

Tomorrow: Part I--Pre-writing

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