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Thursday, June 08, 2006

How to Write Article in Six Easy Steps: Proofreaders' Marks

At this point, you should have your final draft in hand. This is the time to make certain that you have followed each step of the writing process and applied the following:
· Cater to your audience.
· Make clarity your guide post as you write.
· Be concise in your writing: provide detail as necessary and only when that detail serves
your guidepost, clarity.

Apply Proofreaders’ Marks to your final copy as you look for any last minute misspellings or necessary corrections to grammar. It always helps to set the article aside for a period of time and review it later with fresh eyes. If you can find another person who is willing to look over your writing, that is even better. They can act as a test audience and tell you about any lack of consistency in style, tone, or clarity of message.

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