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Friday, July 21, 2006

Writing Prompt: Observing the Break

In popular music, there's often a portion of the song called the break. It's part of the song that departs from the overall theme and rhythm being played while complimenting it. It gives the song a freshness or allows the listener time to reflect on the music and/or lyrics before it returns to the familiar melody and chorus of the song.

There are other times when we experience a break of sorts--getting a promotion at work; the death of loved one; moving, etc.

In recent days many parts of the U.S. have been exceedingly hot with temperatures rising above 100 degrees. The heat wave has finally broken where I live. When I opened my garage to rain this morning, I was happy. I felt a since of relief and joy. The touch of cool raindrops on my skin filled me with happiness. Because of the break, I can face the next wave.

Write about a time in your life when you experienced a break. What happened before, during and after? Who was there? Who was absent? How did you feel?

I'll be on vacation next week creating a much needed/required break of my own. Please, feel free to visit and take a look at some of my prior posts/prompts. As always, comments are welcome. I'll resume posting 7/31/06.


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