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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katie Couric's Make-over as a lesson in evolution

Tips and Take Aways

I've been relatively uninterested in the recent coverage of Katie Couric's emerging news anchor persona--mainly, because I don't watch CBS nightly news. I prefer ABC or NBC. However, the lengths to which Katie and CBS Nightly News have gone to revamp their image speaks to the importance of knowing one's medium, audience and message when embracing change in the communications business.

This whole transition also speaks to the ability to recognize when a change or evolution in presentation, content and style are necessary. Take an hour today and look over your writing, marketing approach and pending projects. Can your website use a little streamlining? Are your business cards current? Think about what you can do today to show that you take your writing and other professional efforts seriously, while projecting an aura of confidence and authority. I may not watch Katie tonight, but I will learn from her example.

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