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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Courageous In Other Words

Words for the Week




daring: bold, daring, or fearless, especially in challenging assumptions or conventions
[Mid-16th century. < Latin audac-, stem of audax "bold" < audere "to dare" < avidus


adjective (comparative bold·er, superlative bold·est)


1. fearless and adventurous: willing and eager to face danger or adventure with a sense of confidence and fearlessness
2. requiring or showing daring: requiring or showing fearlessness, daring, and often originality
3. impudent or presumptuous: lacking in modesty or impolitely assertive
4. clear and conspicuous: standing out and therefore easily noticedbold colors
5. steep: rising abruptly and steeply from the surroundingsa bold cliff




1. full of foresight: characterized by unusually acute foresight and imagination
2. imaginary: produced by, resulting from, or originating in the imagination
3. incapable of being realized: so idealistic or unrealistic as to be unrealizable in practice
4. given to dreaminess: tending by nature to be dreamy or to have impractical schemes and ideas
5. relating to mystical visions: relating to or seen in a mystical vision
6. parapsychology having visions: given to seeing mystical visions

noun (plural vi·sion·ar·ies)


1. somebody with much foresight: somebody of unusually acute foresight and imagination
2. parapsychology somebody who has visions: somebody who has mystical visions
3. dreamer: somebody who daydreams or indulges in impractical schemes and ideas

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