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Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Is Upon Us and the New Year Fast Approaching--It's Time To Make A Writing Plan For 2007

Writing Prompt

Take a few moments for yourself between Christmas shopping, wrapping, giving and receiving to take a deep breath. Then grab some paper and a pen. Clear your mind and envision what you'd like to accomplish as a writer in the New Year. Do you need to write more frequently? Do you need to dust off and get to work on a prior manuscript or revise a previously published piece? Do you want to publish a book, a poem an essay? Have you developed a writing resume and portfolio? Would you like to become a full time freelancer? Do you want to work for a major publication? Make a list of these possibilities as they come to you. Then look at them as action items rather than possibilities. Make a list of the three you'd like to see happen most in 2007. Then begin to develop a plan to make your visions accomplished goals.

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