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Monday, December 18, 2006

Word for the Week

Some people find that the way we celebrate this season lends itself to excess, albeit with a positive spin.Celebratory meals and sweet treats fill our stomachs and warm our hearts. Emotions from joyous to despairing spiral upward and downward as gifts are given and received by some and others left wanting.

This last week before Christmas, let moderation be our guide. We must pace ourselves and treat the remainder of this Holiday Season as a marathon not a sprint. New Year's Eve and Day will be here sooner than we think.



1. state of being moderate: the state or quality of being moderatemoderation in all things

2. action of making something moderate: the limiting, controlling, or restricting of something so that it becomes or remains moderate




1. small or slight: not large, great, or severea moderate portion
2. reasonable: not excessive or unreasonablea moderate eater
3. middle-of-the-road: not extreme or radicalmoderate views
4. average: neither particularly good nor particularly bad moderate results

in moderation within reasonable limits, and never to excess

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