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Monday, June 11, 2007

Million Dollar Question: What Characteristic Distinguishes Good Writers from Great Writers and The Published from the Unpublished?

Answer: Persistence

Over the years, persistence is a trait which I've acquired in vast amounts. Without persistence, many of the great experiences that I've had as a writer never would have occurred. I never would have been published in my local paper, or completed two chapbooks, or had the opportunity to publish this blog. So when I grow weary and I can't see the next possibility, I remember that if I intend to reach my goal, I must be "incessant and unrelenting" in my pursuit. I must be persistent.

Word for the Week

per·sist·ent [ pər sístənt ]


1. continuing despite problems: tenaciously or obstinately continuing despite problems or difficulties
2. incessant or unrelenting: existing or

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