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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BBC America Is My Preferred White Noise

White noise helps me think. The television, the radio talkshow, or my favorite CDs provide me with background noise, as I write, or type, or even read. The sounds in many cases help me focus, or give me a much needed break as my line of thought begins to thin, or I reach a mental impasse, not quite certain which word or line should come next. Then just before I enter my work completely, I get rid of the noise, hit the off or mute button, seize the moment and really get down to work.

BBC America is the perfect white noise. It's stress free television. I have to really listen to understand what they're saying, so it's easier to tune out when necessary, because the speech patterns are different.

When I actually sit down to enjoy a show, I find them exceptionally entertaining or exceptionally cheesy. These shows are also much more dialogue driven than American televison, even the action shows; they appeal to my literary nature.

I also enjoy watching the BBC News. It allows me to see my country from another perspective.

All of this is true, but really....Who am I trying to kid?
Tomorrow, Footballers Wive$ is back!

Quote for the Week

"Once is a mistake; twice is an affair."
--from BBC America series, Hollyoaks, episode preview trailer

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