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Monday, July 23, 2007

What Should You Say In Your Writing~How Much is too Much?

I was recently reading the August edition of O magazine and discovered a section discussing what it means to be a writer. Of particular interest is the section by Walter Mosley, "Write Your Novel This Year."

Mosley's approach to writing is passionate and pragmatic. At first glance, these two sensibilities may seem at odds; they are not. As he presents them, they are tempered and bonded by discipline. He advises that writing be a scheduled, daily event and if necessary wrenched from the rest of the day and sometimes other activities. He also cautions writers not to censor themselves as they write. Writers' stories are private property until published and cannot be subject to the sensibilities of Aunties and Cousins. If others find the story displeasing or too revealing, there is always forgiveness, or not.

This piece is an interesting and thought provoking read. It forces you to analyze why and how you write. Check it out. Unfortunatley, it is not featured on the O magazine website, so take a trip to Borders or Barnes & Noble, and pull up a chair.

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