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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Going Bare and Starting Fresh


I've adopted the Minima template while I'm plotting a new course for A Conservatory of One. Anyone, who visits here regularly, noticed the changes and additions, that I've made to the layout and the semi-regular/somewhat eclectic content as I worked to update the design and content of the blog.

It wasn't working for me. Now that I've had an opportunity to recharge over Thanksgiving break (I actually wrote a poem yesterday; my creative spirit has been revived!), I'm going to do what any artist aspiring to greatness must, I'm going to re-evaluate, regroup and come with something different. Stay tuned.

Confession: I fell off the NanoWriMo wagon'd you do?

I'll still be posting occassionally, and feel free to browse my previous posts and links as I chisel away at this work in progress.

Suggestions and tips are welcome.

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