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Monday, December 31, 2007

Turn Your New Year's Resolutions into Writing Goals

Happy New Year!
Tomorrow brings the first day of the New Year, and for many the downward spriral of failing resolutions. As the year marches forward, the good intentions of January 1st become daily afterthoughts, or postponed tasks. How do you keep this from happening to the list of resolutions you selected after a solid investment of time and reflection?

You don't....unless those resolutions go through a conversion and become goals. Goals are accomplished in measurable increments and have deadlines or due dates. Take a look at your list. Then, for each of your resolutions, write the steps required to accomplish them. Next, go through your calendar and select a due date for each step, followed by a deadline for completion of the actual goal. It's a little more work upfront, but the odds of success go up exponentially.

Here are a few suggested goals for the writing life in 2008:

1. Improve your current organizational systems, or if you don't have any, get some.
2. Get a planner and use it. I'm trying out the Franklin Covey 365 system from Target.
3. Learn how to sell yourself. In this competitive publishing world, auhtors have to be their own best publicist--just the way it is.
4. Get more and better sleep.
5. Get fit. Writing is not only about genius;it's about longevity--outlive the competition. You'll up your chances of large scale, long term publishing success.

Suggestions anyone?

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giivonnaj said...

Good suggestions for getting started. I would just add- write about your passion and everything will come together

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