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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take a Literary Approach to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day recognizes the special bond between lovers. The holiday's roots can be traced to a pagan celebration, the Roman fertility rites of Lupercalia, and to possibly two Christian martyrs named St. Valentine, a perfect irony given the two opposing potentials of human love; it can be exceptionally self-centered and exceptionally self-sacrificing.

Traditions observed on this day vary between cultures, but they share a common thread. Tokens of affection, flowers, candies, and love notes, are exchanged between lovers.

If you're still stumped about what to give your valentine on Thursday, here are a few suggestions:

  • Buy or rent a copy of the film, Love Jones. He's trying to finish his great novel; she's a photographer in the wrong gig. Poetry brings them together; their bad timing and immaturity keep them apart, but they've got a jones, so they keep coming back for more... Watch it over dinner or if things really go well brunch.

  • Write them a love letter (If you need help, learn how here: Part I & Part II). This will win earn you more romantic capital than a store bought card, even if the card quotes Shakespear. It's the one gift that is a triple threat; a letter is an investment of time, energy and emotion . Throw in any favorite, chocolate, flowers, a book, or picture (framed of course), and your love will crown you king.

  • For the truly starving artists, here's a no cost valentine: Grab a collection of love poems (go to the library), mark your favorites, then take turns reading them to one another, over dinner, over brunch, in the tub...make a long weekend of it.

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