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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writing Roundup: Romance Writers, This Is Your Season

Can you smell the sweet scents of rose petals and chocolate? Do you hear the satisfied sighs of happy lovers? Can you empathize with the anguished feelings of people suffering the pangs of unrequited love? Do you imagine the joy filled weddings that will occur in June following the flurry of romantic Valentine's Day proposals? If these thoughts and sensations fill your day dreams, put pen to paper--or fingers to keyboard--you can write a romance novel.

In recent years, romance fiction has become one of the hottest selling book genres. In 2008, romance fiction dominated books sales generating $1.37 billion despite the general downward trend in booksales. The subgenres of titles found under the romance category have also exploded. Science-fiction, paranormal, mystery thriller, historical, christian, and other romance subgenres allow authors to craft romance novels that capture the imaginations and inspire the hearts of readers. 

I enjoy a mixture of themes when I'm reading romance.  I get bored with a standard boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl and boy reconcile romance plot--unless its exceptionally well written.  The romance authors that I enjoy most write paranormal and action adverture romance. Diana Gabaldon, Charlaine Harris, L. A. Banks, and Sherrilyn Kenyon all write smart romances with unexpected plot twists. They also fill their books with well imagined and crafted characters. Romance writing may be fun, but it also requires the same hardwork and attention to detail as other genres. My favorite authors' understanding of this show in their ability to craft characters which capture readers' imaginations and consistently maintain several interesting storylines in their very popular series.

Whatever your romance style, enjoy your season and if you're feeling inspired, write one.

Here a few of my most recent romance reads:
The Devil Inside (Morgan Kingsley, Exorcist, Book 1)
An Echo in the Bone: A Novel (Outlander)
Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, Book 1)

Check out these resources for romance writers:
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