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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wonder Woman's Story and Outfit Get a New Attitude

I watched the Wonder Woman series religiously as a kid. Lynda Hamilton made being tough and feminine possible and exciting. Hey, it was the 70s; compared to her predecessors, she fit the bill. It was great to have a female superhero--heroine--to admire; who did the rescuing; and who wasn't blond. Well, my favorite woman of wonder has undergone a makeover. I like it.  According to reports, the costume change cues other changes in the Wonder Woman mythos as well. It looks promising.

Wonder Woman's change in appearance and storyline exemplifies an ongoing practice in fiction, film and storytelling in general. For example, Justin Cronin's recent publication, The Passage, offers yet another take on vampires. In an interview, the author observes that every generation re-imagines the vampire myth to fit their times. This also occurs with other stories, myths and folk tales containing archetypal characters. Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, gives us the next generation from Mount Olympus. Twilight offers up vampires and werewolves. Do you have a myth or folktale that you think could use a little dusting off and revamping? Do you think that any recent publications or films have done so in a unique or particulary engaging manner?

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