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Monday, January 17, 2005

A Writer's Sonnet

Our tragedy unfolds in these few lines.
Structures piece words into art and beauty.
Miracles happen within these confines,
as we perform our passion's duty.
We lay siege to the page--deftly wielding
our pens, our works, and minds. We craft tributes
to humankind's redress for their ill served
faith in muse kind. Self-imposed limits
civilize the war. They lend reason to
stress and strife. These quiet moments open
blockaded doors. They breathe into our struggle
sense and life. In solitude, we reconcile.
Through this great lovers' quarrel we create,
Life making art making life to imitate.

©2004 d.m. hendricks
First printed in the Kansas City Star 1/11/2004

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