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Monday, May 22, 2006

Best of Me Symphony Blog Carnival

Best of Me Symphony #130 featuring Terry Pratchett
I just discovered blog carnivals this past week. Blog Carnivals are listings of blog posts grouped by topic or category. Think of it as an online magazine with multiple contributors. Each carnival is administered or hosted by one blog and other bloggers contribute posts based on the submission guidelines of the carnival. The host posts the carnival on their blog for each edition. Blog carnivals run on a schedule, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.

As with most new experiences, I surveyed the territory a bit and jumped right into the activity. Blog Carnivals are a great way to discover new blogs and get your name out there if you're a blogger. The Best of Me Symphony is a listing of the best blog posts from various blogs. Each post is over 60 days old and can be submitted by a blogger themselves or an advocate. I submitted my Valentine's Day post from this year.

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