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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quote from "A Love Song for Bobby Long"

Bobby Long defines procrastinate:

"Procrastinate--to drag one's ass in such a pathetic manner as to insure ones place in life as a loser."

A Love Song for Bobby Long is a must see for any writer. It illustrates the moments of highly lucid genuis a writer can offer as well as the depths to which a person can allow themselves to fall if they become mired in tragedy. John Travolta's performance is stellar. He's lovable and revolting at the same time.

We all fight inertia in our daily and writing lives. Nobody is a loser. Get that project that you said you'd get back to going and aspire to attain the greatness of which you're capable.

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Halfdan Reschat said...

A must-see for everybody who loves a good movie. And by that I mean a movie without brainless action or silly humor.
A real movie.

- Halfdan Reschat

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