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Monday, November 14, 2005

Interesting Quote: Anne Rice

Anne Rice on the Science VS. Evolution Debate

She is not so receptive to the various efforts to challenge science, such as Kansas’ recent troubles with evolution versus “intelligent design” or creationism. For one thing, Rice cannot really see a conflict between science and religion.

“If you can make the world, you can make it any way you want; you can use evolution. God is infinite; he can do anything. And that’s the way it was presented to me when I was a child; my mother told me that. Nobody said how long the seven days were.
“I’ve never understood why people are getting themselves so worked up about this. These controversies seem to come when people are afraid and protective of Scripture. They seem to think that if DNA exists and evolution exists, that’s going to mean Scripture is going to lose its power.

“But Scripture doesn’t lose its power! It never does. No amount of information about the world is going to change the power of Scripture. It is, if anything, better understood and better appreciated as we gain knowledge.”

Source: The Kansas City Star; See the full text of this interview, Posted November 13, 2005

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