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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Your Writing An Expression of the Three Dimensions of Life?

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a speech treating the meaning of living a complete life, a life of three dimensions. He defined the three dimensions as:

  • length--fully developing and applying one's personal abilities and purposefully applying them; loving oneself--viewing the world and one's actions with regard to oneself
  • breadth--the ability to come to the aid of others and apply those same abilities to this goal--viewing the world and one's actions with regard to others
  • height--the reach for God--the reach for something greater than the material world and work in which one lives

Dimensions of a Complete Life

Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 1962

Take a survey of your writing. Which of the dimensions do you think it reflects most? Consider whether or not you're satisfied with the current dimension or dimensions which seem to dominate your writing. How can you incorporate all three in your characters, in your plots, your essay topics, etc.? Do you believe that attempting to do so will help or hurt the quality of your writing?

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