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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blog Whispering: Seven Secrets to Writing Great Posts

Many bloggers find themselves in two kinds of dilemmas when it comes to crafting posts for their blogs. Those new to blogging ask,"What should I make the topic of my posts and how long should they be?" Others, who have been blogging for a period of time may find their flow of posting ideas trickling down or ceasing altogether, so they ask, "What next?" Essentially, they are the same question, "How do I develop content?"

Successful bloggers are blog whisperers. They possess the ability to coax new and improved content from their blog based on the following:

  • their ongoing analysis of the current developments and trends in the area(s) of their blog's focus
  • their interactions with their readers via comments, surveys, links, group projects, etc.
  • surveying the current state of their blog and planning for its continued growth

In the coming weeks, Thursdays at A Conservatory of One will supply one of the seven secrets, bloggers, who write posts that bring repeat visits, know. Knowing and applying these principles will help new bloggers build a solid body of content for their site and assist veteran bloggers in maintaining and growing the quality of their blog's content.

Secret #1

Plan Your Posts

Plan your posts as you would a series of newsletter articles or the content of a minimag. Following this principle provides several benefits. This approach will offset blogger's block, because you'll have either an informational curve or theme to follow. It teaches you discipline. Planning posts helps focus and develop your thoughts, ideas and potential add-ons that will increase the appeal/value of your blog as you work keep it going and growing.It will also facilitate growing a steady audience, because your readers will quickly learn the type of content you offer and depending on whether or not you choose to schedule certain types of posts, they'll know when to find it.

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Delaleuverses said...

Thanks for this post, I'm new to blogging, I started a little over a month ago and sometimes I do wonder what I should post. This helps a lot. Glad I stopped by

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