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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blog Whispering:Seven Secrets to Writing Great Posts

Secret #3

Have a schedule and/or categorize your posts

Scheduling and categorizing your posts gives your readers the opportunity to more fully experience your blog. For example, pick a day of the week to provide commentary on the latest news related to your blog topic. Another day could be a "best of" review and so on.

If you don't like the idea of being locked into a schedule, you can always assign your posts a category and have a running list of category links available in the sidebar of your blog.
This option is available through WordPress software if you're blogging online. WordPress gives you the option to create a new category or add a post to a previous category everytime you create a new post. This gives visitors the option to click on a category and view only the posts which interest them.

This secret goes hand in hand with the principle of planning. You want your blog to flow well and to offer a variety of interactive options to your readers. You have to develop a plan which includes scheduling and categorizing posts to help insure that this happens. In this way, your readers can make maximum use of your posts. This becomes especially important if you're promoting your work or products. You want your visitors to stay long enough to develop a desire to learn more about your services or purchase your product(s).

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