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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tips and Take Aways: Playboy's Sexy Summer Reading at Seductive Prices

As writers, we all know the value of a good book. In some cases they are nearly priceless, but every book must be purchased and read by someone to make that discovery. If you're a struggling freelancer your reading purchases may be subject to some heavy budgeting. That doesn't mean that you can't begin to build your own treasure trove of books, a personal library.

You can build a decent library and rather quickly if you do the following. Get to know the thrift and discount bookstores in your area. Many libraries have booksales to make room on their shelves for newer publications or to raise funds by selling previously used books donated by patrons. Look for the clearance items at your local book stores. I've turned up some real treasures browsing the clearance carts of Borders and Barnes and Noble. Online discount book sites like make realizing this aspiration possible. Barnes and Noble online as wells as offer used or discounted books for sale.

Check out this article/book promotion at,"Playboy's List of Sexiest Novels", it provides some steamy suggestions that you may find rival the summer heat.

Happy reading.


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