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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blog Whispering: Seven Secrets to Writing Great Posts

Secret #7

Allow comments and respond to them.

Blogging is based on click by click conversations in which blog readers and bloggers engage with one another via their posts and comments. Comments give added value to your posts. The unique perspective and potential resource value of each comment boosts the overall credibility and value of your blog. When people comment or link to your posts, its clear you've posted something that they want to talk about.

Make sure you enable comment moderation. You don't want random advertising or questionable material posted on your site via comments. Also, take a balanced approach as you decide which comments to post. If someone disagrees with your position, as long as they say so civilly, it's worth posting. Besides nothing draws readers like a good debate.

That concludes this series. I hope you find it helpful. Happy posting.

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