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Friday, August 11, 2006

Writing Prompt: When was your passion born?

We all have knowledge of certain things. We know that we're loved. We know when we were born. Then, there are the things that we remember. Some memories are fuzzy and others have an unexplainable clarity. I know that my mother read to me and that I enjoyed it, but I remember when I fell in love with books.

My passion for the written word was ignited by a visit from the local chapter of the Reading is Fundamental program when I was in kindergarten. When my class went to the auditorium that day, there was a book covered table at center stage and books on the floor all around it.
We were given an opportunity to look over the books and select one to take with us. I couldn't believe it.

After a great deal of consideration--I was the last to select my book--I chose Curious George. A volunteer wrote my name on a RIF sticker and affixed it to the front interior cover of the book. It was a first time that I chose my own book. It was the first time that I took ownership of the written word; my love for it would later allow me to wield it.

Write about your first book memory or your favorite book.

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rdl said...

great prompt, cant wait to write about it, thanks.

Great Writing Prompt

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