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Monday, February 19, 2007

Value and Quality, Like Beauty Are In The Eyes Of The Beholder

I just finished watching Idlewild starring and produced by the OutKast duo, Andre 3000 and Big Boi . They get big points for creativity and originality, but I was not moved to recommend it for others' viewing pleasure. The movie possesses several redeeming qualities, the music, the creative camera work ,a little eye candy and they tried to squeeze in a moral to the story; they even begin the film with a voiceover quoting Shakespeare.

Although interesting to watch, and I mean that literally, the story itself still proved formulaic: Idlewild is a 1920s era gangsta film, about the coming of age of two men, one good and one not so good, music and love gone wrong centered around a juke joint during the bootleg boom. Oh well, watch it for the music and the sensuality and ignore the weird burial preparation of one of the characters love interest. It kinda creeped me out--actually, I fast forwarded the DVD to the next chapter.

Word for the Week

a) to set free; rescue
b)to deliver from sin and its penalties
c) to fulfill, as a promise
d) to make amends for; atone for

Source: Webster's New World Dictionary

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