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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Michael Vick's Trial in the Court of Public Opinion Continues

Michael Vick's story continues to compound tragedy upon tragedy. We have his personal tragedy, the tragedy of a fallen hero. The tragedy of our public response, that the deaths of animals and the bad choices of one celebrated athlete, has caused more public outcry, than social injustices, like the ongoing vicitimization of Katrina survivors and the young people in Jena, Louisiana, continues.

Today, Vick apologized for his role in the dogfighting and gambling scheme he helped to finance, and in which, he participated to a degree. Now, not only is he judged for his admitted crimes, he's being judged for the way he apologized. It wasn't good enough. He didn't apologize for the right things, in the right way. I believe that Vick should bear the consequences for his crimes. I also believe that the many people casting stones at him are but one choice away from finding themselves in an equally tragic state. Measuring someone else's contrition, that takes a lot of nerve.

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Anonymous said...

After all the lies Michael Vick has told in just the last 2 months, why would anybody believe this parody he presented us with on Monday? He's found Jesus? Oh yea, Jesus must be hiding under the judge's robes, because it seems almost ever felon 'finds jesus'. He called his the sick sadistic cruel treatment he subjected these dogs to 'immaturity'. Immaturity means 'childish' and I don't know any children who hang and drown dogs. He accepted responsibility ONLY after he was backed into a corner because the evidence was so overwhelming even his high profile attorneys advised him to plea.

Don't start giving me the junk about 'those without sin' metaphors. YOu can bet I have never starved, tortured, drowned, fought, hung, shot, electrocuted or beaten ANY living thing to death.

He's made a mistake? First time offender? No a mistake is something you do inadvertedly, Michael Vick has been doing this for over SIX years, I think he pretty well knew what he was doing. That sort of takes care of the 'first time offender' thing too. He has been doing this for 6 years, he just hasn't gotten caught until now.

You cannot tell me that after watching dogs yelp in fear and suffering, writhe in pain for all those years and he felt no remorse, he is now feeling remorse for the cruelty he inflicted on these dogs, after he was caught?

Oh no, the only thing Michael Vick feels remorse for is getting caught.

The public's outrage will not result in a death penalty for Michael Vick, he will live, although the next year at least will be in a prison. He can get a job, at McDonald's for all I care, but I do not think he should EVER be allowed to play in the NFL again.

Desiré Hendricks said...

Thank you Anonymous. You've helped me make my point.

JD said...

When the news of this story broke, I was stunned. I called Michael Vick every name in the book. I had always thought he was one of the most electrifying and exciting players I have ever seen on the football field, and the thought of him torturing and killing dogs made my stomach turn. Just last night I was at dinner with friends, and commented on what an idiot I thought he was for throwing away such a promising career, and obviously for the cruel actions he took against dogs.

However, after reading his letter to the judge, I believe he is sincerely sorry for what he has done, and the gravity of the situation has come crashing down on him. I have made mistakes in the past, and have learned from those mistakes. I'd like to see Michael Vick do the same, and it sounds like he is going to do so. I just hope 20-23 months in jail don't harden him so much that he can't turn things around when he leaves. He still has a lot of resources at his disposal, and can effect many people positively if we let him. Let's let the man pay his debt to society, and move on with his life.

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