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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Reading: A Patriotic Booklist to Add to Your Summer Reading

The current buzz around the "presumptive" presidential nominees, Senators John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D), holds a major portion of my much divided attention these days. As usual, my reading is driven by the topic I'm most obsessed with at the moment (I tend to topically fixate); I find myself wanting to know more about my function as a citizen in this process and how we came to be at this crossroads.

I'm also reaching for books that offer more information about how I can green my life and shrink my carbon footprint. "Reduce, reuse, recycle," I chant to myself, but I'm a city dweller with an appreciation for the natural world. I want to integrate green practices into my current setting and lifestyle, and do it in a way that makes it most likely that I'll be able to stick to it. I'll recycle, buy in bulk and break it down, I've even started toting around a QT jug for refills, but I'm not trying to mess with composting.

Finally, the Daring Books volumes are great resources filled with fun facts, games, reading suggestions and projects; Get A Hobby also offers up some great ideas. They both provide parents with a wealth of ways to keep the kids (and themselves) busy and learning over the summer break.

Summer Reading Suggestions 2008

America's Hidden History--Kenneth C. Davis
Common Sense--Thomas Paine
Founding Brothers--Joseph J. Ellis
The World is Flat--Thomas L. Friedman
Gorgeously Green--Sophie Uliano
The Dangerous Book for Boys--Conn & Hal Iggulden
The Daring Book for Girls--Andrea Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz
Get A Hobby--Tina Barseghia

What are you reading this summer? Share your recommendations and old favorites in the comments section.

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