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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Point of view exercise

Point of view can be a very difficult skill to master. I think of it as the “and then…” syndrome. As writers we can become so immersed in the vision of our story that we lose sight of the readers accompanying us. When we lose the thread of point of view, we fail to keep our story straight. In turn we risk losing our readers, our traveling companions.

Select two to three short stories with which you’re familiar. If you don’t read short stories regularly, select two and read them closely. For each selection, identify the point of view and see if you can identify devices used by the author to maintain that point of view. You can also check for gaps.

Ask these questions as you read: Who is doing the talking? To whom do they speak? In what form does the telling occur: Story, Monologue, Letter, etc.?


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