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Friday, May 12, 2006

Writing Prompt: Research and Attention to details

1. Last week, you were asked to complete a pre-writing exercise. This week, I'd like you to take the lead and outline you've written and begin to do some research. Take a look at your outline. Determine what kind of information you would need to know in order to complete your article. For example, if you're righting about fabulous weekend outings in your region you could decide to isolate the top ten and write about them. You'd need to know their location, cost, reservation requirements, etc. Make a list of potential sources, people, databases, books, various reference materials. Then, write next to them where they can be located. Once your lists are completed go find your source materials and begin taking notes, completing interviews and acquiring copies of necessary materials.

2. Sensory writing exercise: Take a look at your immediate surroundings. Now, close your eyes and experience the same space with your other senses. Does this place a specific scent? Where are you sitting or standing? How do the objects around you feel? If you're eating, what are the tastes, you're experiencing? Now, use all of this information to write a detailed description of your setting.

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