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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Writing Tips and Take-aways: Article Writing

Today's tips and takeaways are about article writing and submissions:

  1. Know your market. It seems obvious, but some writers still overlook this point. Review several issues of the publication to which you wish to submit. Make sure that you have a feel for their style and trends.
  2. Read the guidelines provided by the publication and use them.Make your hardwork pay off by paying attention to these details. Editors' slush piles are full of good articles that don't meet the guidelines, style or content focus of their publication; they usually don't have the time to do a fixer-upper on submitted articles. Plus, a well done submission is a testimony to your professionalism. Even if the submission doesn't get published, a well done submission and a good story idea are the things that put you on an editor's radar. Check for themes or calls for specific types of articles. You can do this on the internet by visiting a publication's website or use a reliable writing market guide such as the one published by yearly Writers Digest.
  3. Don't be afraid to write about unfamiliar topics. As a writer, you will often find yourself in a state of inquiry, asking questions and finding answers. Use this to your advantage. For example, a writer may want to submit to a gardening magazine but they've never gardened. They could create a window herb garden and write about their experience as they learn how-to-do-it.

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