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Friday, September 01, 2006

Bonsais, minimarshmallows and Lilliput

Writing Prompt

Why are we fascinated with things in miniature? Some things are made smaller to make them playthings or more accessible to children. Take for example dollhouses and toddler furniture. On other occasions we make smaller versions of things, because we can, as in the cases of breeding miniature ponies and crafting porcelain china sets. In the case of bonsai trees, I belive the art of minituarizing large plants was perfected in order to bring a reminder of the vast potential of nature and the need for its care into human spaces. In movies and books, we miniaturize people as in Gulliver's Travels and Alice and Wonderland. Do these fictions symbolize our desire/fear to make our experiences more manageable or be managed ourselves?

What would you create in miniature if you could and why?
What miniature items do you use or simply enjoy displaying and why?

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