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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

E-Book Spotlight: The London Apothecary

Deborah Dolen's book, The London Apothecary reads as a memoir, a brief history of the art of apothecary, a social commentary and offers an empowering self-help message. The book concludes with a helpful, fun selection of recipes. She provides herbal and natural beauty information which readers can apply to take control of their beauty and health regimens for the better. She also explains how she attained her personal and business success, by establishing the Mabel White Home Living Corp., in spite of personal tragedy which left her a widowed young mother of three.

Experience and philosophy meet in The London Apothecary. As a reader progresses through the book's forward to its sensory engaging conclusion of recipes, like Shakespeare's Edible Love Lotion and Angel Kisses, lip shimmer stick, they discover:
  • Dolen's approach to financial and personal success
  • A thorough study of the historical relationship between the cosmetic and early pharmaceutical industries in the UK and America
  • A wealth of natural herbal remedies and beauty formulas which can be tailored to the user's needs and more often than not at a great savings

Dolen's writing style is conversational without losing clarity or the authoritative voice with which she instructs her readers regarding the pursuit of financial and personal success, as well as the beauty that only good health can bring. She clearly dedicated a great deal of time and effort to acquiring accurate and helpful information. She literally goes to the source in her section about the history of natural beauty in the apothecary tradition, visiting London, to observe their over the counter apothecary products and consulting with two of the biggest names in that sector of business, Napiers and Culpeper's.

Whether you're preparing for a romantic evening with someone special or simply pampering yourself, because you're worth it, this book is for you. The London Apothecary's treasury of herbal lore and beauty recipes makes this readable and informative book a great resource that could be just the tool you need to look and feel your best. From Dolen's tasty cocoa recipe to her pointers on how to create the ultimate in body lotion, she illustrates what we all know, true beauty comes from true health.

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