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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Use the Longer Days of Spring to Try Shorter Types of Writing

Writing Inspiration

If you're like me, the sunshine and warmer breezes of early spring call you away from your desk more often than they should. Writing is hard work and you want to play. Use the new vigor that spring infuses into its longer brighter days to fuel your writing. Take your writing inspiration from the early festivals, fairs and sporting events emerging on your calendar. Experiment with shorter pieces. If you write poetry revisit the haiku form or write a shorter piece of free verse; challenge your self to say the same thing with fewer lines or words.

May is unofficially short story month. Try to write one or a few. The beauty of short stories rests on two elements, they're an exercise in discipline. They are also a more limited time commitment when compared to writing a novel.

This month is also National Runners Month. Write about your fitness practice or goals. A healthy body allows us to keep a healthy mind; don't neglect exercise in favor of your keyboard or pen. Better still, try taking it with you. Get a digital recorder, so you can keep track of ideas as you walk. If you run, it's still great thinking time. I've done some deep thinking on the treadmill.


The challenge of the short story is to get it right with less--fewer words, fewer characters and fewer events. The form forces a writer to discipline themselves and still convey an engaging and complete story. The short story is being re-embraced all over the Internet on Twitter and and in newsletters and on websites from publishers and authors. They are an effective and fun way to test drive ideas. On occasion a short story can become the seed of a longer piece, a novella or novel. 

Read a few of my short stories here. I'd love to receive comments.
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On My Book Shelf

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31 Bond Street: A NovelA Fair MaidenKeeper of Light and Dust

I'm reading this book at the moment, and it is a page turner. I'll review it next month. It's about a grisly murder in New York during the 1800s.

This tale about the relationship between an old man and a young woman in late adolescence proved intriguing and disturbing. I recommend it.

Action, adventure, science-fiction/fantasy and a little romance make this well written book a weekend read worth making the time.

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